Jenn Root



My name is Jennifer, Jenn to those who get to know me.

I am a graduate of the VCU Brandcenter where I focused my studies around many elements of Creative Brand Management. 

With every project, I understand what's at the core of a brand to provide creative solutions with the goal to help companies thrive. 


Over the course of 60 weeks as a Brandcenter student I learned to question the question, reformulate the business problem, explain ideas in charts and calculations, and pinpoint what makes a brand unique and loved. 

See what I am talking about through the projects I have worked on. 


My previous career as a Project Manager required me to use both sides of my brain - logical and deadline focused as well as being able to lend a creative eye to help solve any problem. This is why I chose to attend the VCU Brandcenter, where the Creative Brand Management track fosters both sides to grow.  

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Taking the summer to travel and learn in another country. 

In between the two years of the Brandcenter program, I chose to participate in the VCU Business School's International Consulting Program to learn with business students from another program and another country.