Before Brandcenter

Below are some of the unique projects I worked on during my previous career in print production. 


The time I helped make a scent mural 

I worked on seasonal Glade promotions, which usually included store displays, circular advertising, coupons, and digital banners. When the team wanted to try something more interactive, our department got to test out the concept. 
On a gorgeous early summer day, we spent the afternoon gluing Wax Melts onto a pattern to create a multi-scent mosaic which elicited claiming and tropical feelings for blocks.  (Catch me at the 0:30 mark of the case video.)


the time we had a week to take-over the Cubs stadium

Working on a B2B client, you rarely hear "We have a last minute OOH buy for the Cubs Play-off games" in a kick-off meeting. I managed the internal hand-over of creative files to be re-sized and approved for client review before sending it to print. 



When your job really gives back 

While I worked for Smithfield Meats, their brands regularly visited grocery stores across the nation to give back to the community with tastings of their products, coupons, giveaways and lots of PR.
My team created all promotions for these regular events - which included in-store signage, social, radio, and additional promotional elements for the day of the event - like those giant gift cards given to deserving military families!