Jenn Root

Client Project

CarLotz Marketing Campaign  

About: CarLotz formed in Richmond VA to disrupt the way people buy used cars. Sellers allow CarLotz to show their car on the lot showing it to interested buyers. No commission, no pressure. 

Brief: With $30 million of new funding, CarLotz planned to expand their business regionally and needed to introduce themselves to a new market of potential customers.

Our team started by conducting research to understand what people associated with "consignment" and "cars" as well dive deep into the car buying experience.


When we conducted man on the street interviews, people knew what consignment is, but don’t connect it with cars. When we explained the business to them, they liked the concept, but couldn’t necessarily see the benefits. As one interviewee put it, "How would they fit the car next to the lamps?"


Through surveys and interviews, we found what makes a successful sale is not always price-point or the perfect car, but the person selling was educating them about making the right purchase. It helps anyone who is looking for a new car to know the backstory of who owned the car and what the car has been through.

Women are often overlooked or treated different than men during the car buying experience. Women feel in-secure and often bring men; their fathers, brothers, boyfriends and friends with them when they shop for cars. 

The two salesman helped me feel confident to buy my car, they were more like father figures than a typical salesman.
— Interviewe


CarLotz provides a different car buying experience, where their employees are car coaches, not sales people - keeping in mind the interest of the customer, not selling the car with the best commission. 

The CarLotz model is attractive to people with a lower income and they work hard for what they want. CarLotz strives to provide the best customer service and options for these buyers. 

CarLotz brings humanity to the car selling and buying process. 



The company’s current tag is The Consignment Store for Cars and lives within their logo lock-up. 

Updating their tag will quickly and concisely tell people what the company is about and that their goal to make the process simple. 


Marketing Campaign:


Because we know that people feel better about buying a car when they know the car's story, we wanted to bring the connection of stories to the forefront. Highlighting a car’s unique personality in it's description on the often "same as every other listing site" profiles, differentiates CarLotz from car dealerships and shows their unique attention to each car on their lot. 


 What better way to introduce yourself to a new market than to get our cars on the dating scene? Extending the idea of storytelling from a car’s point of view - targeted Tinder ads can both showcase their products and their unique business model. 

Proof: We know the target consumers are heavy social media users as well as they feel as though their car is an extension of their personality. We can target women in their new cities of business them through tinder via Facebook Audience Network


Team: Alex Robinson, Derek Longest, Vanessa Brown