Jenn Root

class Assignment 

Brand to Retail Concept 

Ask: Choose a brand which has never had a retail presence to create a physical space that extends and enhances the brand.

Objective: Create an off screen home for HBO that cultivates new ways to experience the brand. 

Concept: HBO Social provides a new, multidimensional, tangible way to experience HBO.  It lives up to the same expectations that viewers have when journeying into a new story: a standard of excellence and a desire for more. With weekly ticketed viewing parties, premier events and replays for the brand's favorite products as well as nights dedicated to up-and-coming comedians or music events. 

Over the course of 6 weeks, our team developed the concept for HBO Social with weekly deliverables, including; demographic and location analysis, look and feel, floor plan, full menu, store launch and press release, promotional schedule, and brand identity.

Below, outlines the brand guidelines for HBO Social. 


Team: Colin McCool, Emily Hudson, Hieu Nguyen, Mark Thompson