Independent Study 

Brand Launch

Every Creative Brand Manager completes an independent business study during the last year of the Brandcenter program. This capstone project requires each student to complete a business analysis and marketing plan for a client tackeling a real-life business problem the company is facing.

I had the opportunity to work with a Richmond based start-up that is making a limited ingredient, dairy-free gelato. 

1. Create a Marketing plan to Launch O’MY Dairy-Free Gelato into local markets this summer.
2. Research flavors or innovations the company can develop in order to differentiate them from their competition. 



Coming up on their first year in business, the founders were working to perfect their recipe and get their product produced. In late fall, 2017, the only branded element they had developed was their packaging.
The founders were gracious to receive help in creating a strategically backed launch campaign. They requested to include elements for sampling events, as well as a marketing campaign focused on exhibiting at the Natural Foods Expo this fall. 

Dairy-free is the new gluten-free! Dairy-free product introductions have increased 55% over the last few years (Mintel, Ice Cream & Frozen Novelties, April 2018). O'MY has to act fast to stake their claim in the dairy-free frozen dessert landscape as small, niche creameries grow rapidly and ice cream brands extend their footprint into dairy-free lines of product.