Jenn Root

class Assignment

Brand Refresh

Ask: Given a well-known CPG brand that has faded from its past glory, the team was tasked to identify the business problem facing the brand and reposition it for the current market. 

Our Challenge: Zatarain's brand of foods & spices. 



New Orleans is a melting pot of cultures, from African, French, Spainish, and the Caribbean Islands.
The food they created was Cajun and Creole. 
Established in 1889 as Emile Zatarain general store where his focus was in importing diverse spices for local flavorful food fusions. 



From Jambalaya and Gumbo to a Crawfish Boil, cajun food is meant to be shared. It's big pot food. And no matter the event in New Orleans, food is the center of the celebration. 

It’s the rice brand, I think. The one with the Jazz man in the commercials from the 90’s.
— Survey respondent


In and around New Orleans, Zatarain's is a household name. The brand is the go-to choice and at the ready in crock-pots during Mardi Gras and LSU football games. However, outside of the area, Zatarain's is just another box on a crowded grocery store shelf. 

Zatarain's is food to
gather around. 


Below are a few of the executions I spearheaded as part of the brand's integrated marketing campaign.  

product spread.png

Packaging and Product Extension: 

Although the brand recently went through a packaging refresh, it lacked authenticity. 
We re-imagined the packaging containers, taking it away from the box  to a paper bag - taking the brand back to it's roots of the Zatarain's Market. We expand the brand's footprint into the perimeter of the grocery store by working with stores to package the holy trinity of onions, green peppers and celery and making it available in the prepared section of the fresh foods department. For Zatarain's party portions, we will also be making the product available in jumbo sized buckets sold in club stores. 


Gaining a new customer base:

In order to drive trial to the brand, we would partner with Hello Fresh. With the largest distribution base in the US (March 2018), focus on highlighting regional cuisine, and average 30 minute cook time - same as the rice, made for the perfect partnership to showcase the new Trinity line and packaging as well as highlight how to "jazz-up"  the meal outside of the pre-mixed recipe. 


Below is a case study the team put together after the project was presented, which showcases all executions. 

Team: Aaron Wachsstok (XD), Clayton Notestine (CW), Eliza Hadjis (ST), Mike Rodriguez (AD), and Tyler King (XD)