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If you travel in other countries, especially those with a lot of hostels catering to young backpackers, you will always find free city tours. Yes, FREE, when you tip your tour guide.
In a few hours,  you get a quick overview of the city's history, information about their most visited sites, and a few suggestions on the best (and most affordable) places to eat.

With Richmond in the news a lot in 2018: ranked the 7th best place in the US to visit by Lonely PlanetBusiness Insider ranking it the 5th most hipster city in the US, and a front-page feature in the Washington Post in April, why not bring this idea to RVA - a city known for it's world class street art and murals?

Richmond Street Art Walks

 Jade Uno.   La Espara.   2016, two-story brick home, Location: 609 Idlewood Ave. Richmond VA.

Jade Uno. La Espara. 2016, two-story brick home, Location: 609 Idlewood Ave. Richmond VA.


Working with the existing list of murals on the Richmond Mural Project site, we plan to map, design, and facilitate street art walking tours in different neighborhoods of Richmond, beginning Summer 2018. 


Project partner Zach, a local real estate investor, reached out to the Richmond Mural Project in order to be a part of the 2016 mural project. 
His is just one of 100+ contracted murals in the city of Richmond. 
After doing a self-guided street art walking while traveling in South-East Asia in 2017, he wanted to bring the idea home. 
I shared a similar experience while traveling in Ecuador, and when Zach and I were catching up on our most recent travels, we both thought this would be a worthy project to take on. 

Check back soon for a link to the micro-site and social media pages.